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Terms and Conditions


Please read this sheet to ensure your party is fun for your guests!


Confirmations and changes must be completed through the party co-ordinator either in person,

over the phone or fax.

Your booking is not reserved or confirmed until you have paid a deposit. You have two days from

the date of your booking to pay a $100 deposit. This deposit is non-refundable. Guest Forms with Final numbers for your party are due on the Wednesday before if you are having a weekend party or 2 days before for Mid-Week parties. Numbers can be added on the day. When you return your guest form you can place Platter Orders at this time. We ask that you put the start time on your invitations as ½ hour before the booked party time to ensure all guests are here when the party starts. Please note: Due to the volume of parties we do your party must start on time, if you choose to start late to wait for guests this will lesson your time in the party room and we may not have time for games.


We will contact you 2 days prior to your party if we have not received your Guest Attendance form. Additional food items and special requests can be made at this time and we will make every attempt to accommodate, but cannot promise that they will be provided. Where special requests cannot be made we will contact you to discuss the situation and possible alternative arrangements.

Please note:* Carers of the birthday child are responsible for all children attending the party that are not accompanied by their parents. *Please advise all party adults that siblings not included on the party list will be charged as general admission. *All party adults are free.*All adults entering the Playland will be asked to sign our Playland Conditions of Entry Form.

All children and adults that wish to use the equipment MUST WEAR SOCKS.



If you have booked a party with us, you may choose to bring your own cake, you may also bring your own loot bags however they must be left at reception and only given out to guests as they leave.

Lollipop’s does not have sufficient facilities to keep Ice cream cakes frozen.

Decorations, balloons or other items not included in your party are not permitted.

NO other food or drink can be brought into Lollipop’s.

Catering for any special meals can be arranged, i.e.; vegetarian, allergy etc. We require a minimum of 2 days notice for all changes and special requests.


Finalise your account, hand in loot bags (If you have them) and cake to reception. You will be advised of your party room and your party host will go over all details with you. We will do our best to reserve at least one trestle table for you in the Playland but cannot guarantee this.


Children will be handed their loot bags at reception on exit. Finalise any outstanding cafe tabs (Accounts not settled on the day of the party may incur recovery costs) and leave all cleaning, stains and mess behind you!

Can’t wait to celebrate with you!

From the Lollipops Crew!

Ph: (07) 3889 7555 | Fax: (07) 3889 7553 | Email:
104 Gympie Road, Strathpine. 4500


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